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“Stomp The Scorpions” – Marty Gabler

We are so excited to have special guest Marty Gabler speaking today at New Life Fellowship. Marty and his wife Kathy founded SEEC Ministries to strengthen, encourage, and equip Church Ministries world wide.

SEEC Ministries International exists to Strengthen,
Encourage and Equip according to 1 Cor. 14:3 and Eph. 4:12.
This is our mission statement and SEEC Ministries
International is attempting to accomplish that mission
through conferences, seminars, publishing, audio and
video as well as ministry in local churches domestically
and abroad.
SEEC = Strengthen, Encourage, Equip Church  Ministries

MARTY is the author of various books and teaching manuals including: “Why Sheep Have Short Legs”, “Prophetic Characteristics And Guidelines”, “Prophetic & Ministry Study Manual”
KATHY is the author of various books including: “Getting To The Heart of Dreams”, “Visions, Dreams and Intercession”

Read more on their websites here:

Marty Gabler’s Website 

SEEC Ministries Website